Monteverde Cloud Forest : A Must Visit

Monteverde Cloud Forest – a natural wonder . The United States and Canada are home to approximately 1,000 tree species. One 26,000-acre patch of Costa Rica hosts more than 750. The Monteverde (“Green Mountain”) Cloud Forest Reserve is perhaps the world’s best example of one of its rarest ecosystems. As the elevation rises above 4,500 feet, the forest reaches up…

5 Best Things To Do In Monteverde Costa Rica

With a size comparable to Lake Michigan, Costa Rica might be small, but words like paradise or fairyland are the only ones that can describe it well , Monteverde Costa Rica is probably the prettiest area . The density of biodiversity here is highest on the planet compared to any country, 200 volcanic formations are mindblowing and epic adventures here…

Hiking Around Lake Atitlan

Aside from the famous book, which has since been turned into a movie as well, the natural beauty of Lake Atitlan is unparalleled , and hiking around Lake Atitlan is the best way to see it . There are seven towns on the outskirts of the lake that have an abundance of culture to offer. Volcano Hikes There are also…

Lake Atitlan : the Birthplace of the Little Prince

Lake Atitlan is a gorgeous volcanic lake three hours away from Guatemala City and 2 and a half hours from Antigua .  If you’ve read the famous children’s book “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, this volcanic lake was the inspiration behind that book. Saint-Exupery had crashed his plane in Guatemala and while he was recovering, he spent much…

4 Reasons to Travel to Guatemala

Stepping off the ramp stairs of the airplane, my mind told me my expectation would be surpassed all the wildest ideas that have formed in my head about this country ; travel to Guatemala was on my list for many years . Right from the first minutes I spent in this country which is a world of Spanish Conquistadors who…

St.John US Virgin Islands

Why go to St.John ? There are three reasons most people come to St. John or other US Virgin Islands: beaches, beaches and beaches. Virgin islands is a popular destination for Americans looking for a quick Caribbean getaway once winter arrives. The island, which sits about 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, has been a U.S. territory since 1917, when…

Alpaca sustainable wool

You’ve probably heard of llama and alpaca. They’re both domesticated South American animals, and the alpaca’s beautiful wool has become very popular in recent years, and so have the traditional Peruvian textiles that are made from this unique material. Items made from alpaca wool can be found in homes, popular hotels, and even restaurants in many places, but you’ll see them everywhere in the region. Guanacos and vicuñas are relatives of the better-known alpacas and llamas, and very shy, living in less-populated, higher-altitude regions of the Andes. You might spot one from afar, if you’re lucky.

Alpaca Sanctuary Awana Kancha

Awana Kancha’s animals are one of its best features. All four of the native camelid species live here: llama, alpaca, vicuña, and guanaco. These long-necked animals have lived in the Andes along with the native peoples. The llama and alpaca are domesticated, providing clothing and fuel to people for over 5000 years. Llama are bigger and they’re often used as pack animals, while alpaca are wool animals. Vicuña and guanaco mostly exist in the wild, and they’re naturally very shy.

Taquile Island : Andean Weavers and Tranquility

This is not your typical “lake weekend” and lake Titicaca does not even to resemble a lake , but a limitless ocean .
The sun painted the lake the illumines blue . The sky the sky is azure beyond believe .
Being in the middle of this majestic lake , you can totally understand why the Incas worshipped the sun : the sun is what gives Lake Titicaca its sense of mystery, its unmatched sublimity.

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